Frequently Asked Questions

Cancellation Policy for Conference Registration and Vendor Fees
By registering for the ABANA Conference, you accept this cancellation policy and agree to be bound by its terms. Notification of cancellations for refunds must be submitted in writing to the ABANA Central Office postmarked or emailed by May 31, 2016. No cancellations will be accepted via phone.

A $35 cancellation fee will be charged for cancellations prior to June 01, 2016. There will be no refunds after that date!


Do vendors have to register with UTAH and pay sales tax on merchandise sold? 


Is their Utah sales tax on ABANA merchandise at the conference?

Are posters available for sale at the conference?

No, they are complimentary

Are dogs allowed on the Fairgrounds?

Yes, however must be leashed
Must pick up after them

Is there a 'doggie daycare' close by to board dogs?  If so, need phone number and location.

Yes, utahdogpark.com

Are all buildings wheelchair accessible?

Yes, the three buildings
we rented are accessible

Can early registered campers specify which site they want reserved?

No, it's first comes first serves
and space is limited

What size connection plug (three hole, two over top, 220, 110, etc.) do RV's need to connect to electricity?


Is there a dump station on grounds for RV's?  If so, is there a charge and how much?  If not, where is the closest?

No, only for  campers at this time
Check with KOA for RV dump station

Will tenting be in a separate area from RV's and trailers (so they don't hear the generators)?

Yes, but still close to each other

Is the RV spaces big enough for two slides and a pickup parked beside it?

Depending on how many RV's show-up.
May have to rent two spots.

Can campers have vehicle by tents or RV's?

They have to leave their vehicles in the
parking lot to minimize our liability.
They can park their vehicles by the RV’s,
but they may have to buy the space as
well. We will designate the stalls.

Will food vendors be open for breakfast for campers?  If so, what time?  What days do they start?

Yes, 7 am. Coffee will also be available.
A couple gourmet food trucks,
will have trucks till late in the night (10 pm)
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Can RV's come in on Monday before the conference and leave as late as Sunday after?  If so, any additional cost?

A limited number of earlier campers may
come early. A daily fee will be applied.
They have to be out before 9 am Monday

How many shower stalls are available?  Any cost?

No cost if camping. (1) 8 stall trailer:
4 Women’s, 4 Men’s.
If we get more campers we will add another.

Can folks 'camp' in their pick-up trucks in the parking lot?  If so, is there any cost?

No, camping area will be designated and
cars must obtain parking passes
for the parking lot.

Can RV's leave during the day and still have the same spot when they come back at midnight?

There are gate hours, but we will have a
guard to allow in and out. Your spot is yours

for the conference.

Are 'open' fires allowed in camping area?


Can early reserved vendors pick their spot inside?

It will pre-assigned based on layout and
order of reservation We will take requests

What family programs will be available?  What's the cost, dates and times?  Can attendees 'reserve' a space?


Is there a 'ring project' like Memphis?

Yes, 12 rings for the railing made in the John Barron Workshop.
Install is Sunday morning at 9am.

Where is the closest Walmart or gas station or restaurant?

Walmart 300 West 1300 South 

Gas station is across the street from the


Where is the closest FedEx or UPS?

200 South
However we will be offering some shipping
services on site too
We will have a shipper to help auction

Winners to get their items home.

The Fairpark is letting us use their loading
dock on Monday for outbound Freight also.

What hotels are close to the fairgrounds, their number and address? (For folks who want to walk to the fairgrounds.)

Lots of hotels 5 minutes away in downtown Salt Lake. Ramada is
See hotel section on our website

Where is the closest hospital?  Will there be a EMS on site?

University of Utah. EMS will be on site