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Iron in the Hat Super Drawing

ABANA Conference July 13-16, 2016

Here is some exciting news for those local affiliate members who will (and those who cannot) be attending the July 2016 Salt Lake City conference!

Daily Iron in the Hat Drawings at Gazebo: 4:30 pm (Thursday-Friday)
Saturday Iron in the Hat Drawings at Gazebo: 12:00 pm

Super Iron in the Hat Drawings at Grand Building (lower level): Saturday 6:15 pm

In addition to the daily Iron-In-The-Hat drawings, there will be a SUPER DRAWING Saturday night following dinner at 6:15 PM in the lower level of the Grand Building! 

You could win the  following items:

  • MARK In-Line Treadle Hammer
    donated by Meyer Machine Tool Company;
  • BAM Tool Box with tools, box donated by Pat McCarty
  • TFS Single Horn 100 lb anvil donated by Delta Mustad

For those members who will be unable to attend the conference, tickets for Iron In The Hat will be available through your local Affiliate or directly from Central Office through the ABANA website.  Affiliates keep 25% of  the Super IITH tickets they sell!

Each Affiliate that has a current address on file with ABANA will be receiving 100 tickets for sale. Ticket prices are $1.00 each. Upon request additional sales tickets can be obtained through the ABANA office.  Presidents, If you have not received tickets please email Central Office now.

Participants do not have to be present to win. At the winner's request, shipping arrangements (paid by winner) can be made. Daily Iron in the Hat Drawings will be held at the Gazebo at 4:30 PM.

All proceeds from the Iron-In-The-Hat are used by ABANA for Affiliate member scholarships. The Iron-In-The-Hat fundraiser is key to the success of our scholarship program. It provides the necessary funds to help educate and train scholarship participants and enhance blacksmithing. By including all ABANA Affiliate members in our SUPER DRAWING, we can make our 2016 Conference the most successful scholarship program yet!

If you are not near an affiliate association you can buy your Super IITH tickets below.
*We will send you your half in the mail, and put your name on the other half (drawing side of each ticket) and enter them in the appropriate drawing box at the conference for you.

TFS Anvil

TFS 100 lb Single Horn Anvil Tickets (x10)

Bam Box

BAM Wood Tool (Box No. 57) Tickets (x10)

Treadle Hammer

The Mark, Hydraulic In-line Treadle Hammer with Die Set Tickets (x10)