ABANA Conference July 13-16, 2016

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ABANA Conference is held at the Utah State Fairpark

155 N 1000 W, Salt Lake City, UT 84116

(801) 538-8400


2016 ABANA Conference Committee Contacts

ABANA Conference July 13-16, 2016

Amy Pieh: Co-Chair  928-202-8837

John McLellan: Co-Chair   916-539-5790

Herb Upham: Demonstrator Coordinator  707-823-1251

Eddie Rainey: Vendors  770-584-3037

Bill Robertson: Tailgating  412-221-2402

Yancey Davis: Gallery/Auction  828-776-3543

Len Ledet:  Iron in the Hat  480-502-9498

Claudia Freshman: Tours 801-521-6327

Ilene: Craft Programs 435-881-4208 or 435-458-3022

Mary Jo McCarty: Basket Family Program    636-236-0882

Pat McCarty: Setup Crew  636-236-0882

Lonnie Jensen: Equipment   435-730-3511

Paul Difrancesco: Inbound Shipping  801-750-1827

Bart Johnson: Outbound Shipping Services

Craig Kaviar: Marketing  502-561-0377