The Artist-Blacksmith's Association of North America (ABANA)
is dedicated to perpetuating the noble art of blacksmithing. A blacksmith is one who shapes and forges iron with hammer and anvil. ABANA encourages and facilitates the training of blacksmiths; disseminates information about sources of material and equipment; exposes the art of blacksmithing to the public; serves as a center of information about blacksmithing for the general public, architects, interior designers, and other interested parties.

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BusinessABANA Board

The Artist-Blacksmith's Association of North America, Inc. (ABANA) is run by a board of 15 directors elected by the membership. These elected volunteers serve as officers, committee chairpersons and members of committees. Five of the 15 directors are elected each year for a three-year term.

Business meetings of the ABANA Board are held annually near the 15th of November. On the even years, an additional meeting is held at the ABANA international conference in typically June or July. Between meetings, business is conducted by phone, mail, fax, and email.

ABANA 2016 Board of Directors

Herb Upham Eddie Rainey Amy Pieh



1st Vice President

Herb Upham (2018)

Eddie Rainey (2017)

Amy Pieh (2016)*

4747 Vine Hill Road

350 Grape Creek Road

c/o ABANA Central Office
259 Muddy Fork Rd

Sebastopol, CA 95472-2236

Milner, GA 30257

Jonesborough, TN 37659




Cell 707-484-0002

Cell 928-202-8837

Herb Upham

Eddie Rainey

Amy Pieh

Bill Banker Bruce Jarrell Ray Nager


2nd Vice President

Billl Banker (2018)

Bruce Jarrell (2017)

Ray Nager (2016)*

58 Main St., PO Box 174

305 A West Haven Drive

867 Morning Star Drive

Almond, NY 14804-0174

Severna Park, MD 21146

Lakeland, FL 33810




Cell 607-661-7079

Bill Banker

Bruce Jarrell

Ray Nager

John Fee John Elliott Mark Haddix




John Fee (2018)*

John Elliott (2017)

Mark Haddix (2016)

1843 A Indian Hills Road

13602 Bermuda Orchard Ln

3709 Innshire Drive

Painted Post, NY 14870

Chester, VA 23836-5732

Moss Point, MS 39562




Cell 804-402-0887

John Fee

John Elliott

Mark Haddix

Craig Kaviar Tina Chisena Yancey Davis

Craig Kaviar (2018)

Tina Chisena (2017)

Yancey Davis (2016)

147 Stevenson Avenue

4402 Clearfield Road

96 Bleeker Lane

Louisville, KY 4206-3124

Wheaton, MD 20906-4609

Fairview, NC 27030




Cell 240-271-6248

Craig Kaviar

Tina Chisena

Yancey Davis

Scott Kretschmer David Osmundsen Bill Robertson

Scott Kretschmer (2018)

David Osmundsen (2017)

Bill Robertson (2016)

196 Mule Deer Drive

47 N Lobban

533 Gregg Avenue

Loveland CO 80537

Buffalo, WY 82834

Bridgeville, PA 15017



Cell 970-567-2609

Scott Kretschmer

David Osmundsen

Bill Robertson

Year behind each directors name is the year their current term ends
* Indicates current term end year shown is also when that individual reaches term limits and is not elegible to run for re-election

ABANA Board Elections

Each year 5 board members are elected for a 3 year term. 

To run for election, one is required to be an ABANA member in good standing and provide the following:

• A nominating petition signed by at least 10 ABANA members,
• A photograph
• A candidate statement

Submitted to the central office by the deadline date: April 15

All candidates who meet this deadline will be listed on the official ballot form.

All candidates statements will be published on this web site as they are available.
Candidates meeting all the criteria above by the Apr 15 editorial deadline for the magazine will also have candidates statements published in the Anvil's Ring.


Sep 1, 2015: Notice of election published in Vol 43 No 4 Fall 2015 The Anvil's Ring

April 15, 2016: Nominations deadline  - Candidate’s statements  will be published in Vol 44 No 3 Summer 2016 Anvil's Ring

Jun 1, 2016 Candidate Statements and Ballots Published in Vol 44 No 3 Summer 2016 Anvil's Ring

Aug 15, 2016: Ballot postmark deadline, submitted to:

ABANA Central Office
259 Muddy Fork Road
Jonesborough, TN 37659

September 2016: Notification to elected Board members

November 2016: Board Meeting (Specific place and time to be determined)
  New Board members assume their duties.

2016 Candidate Statements

Jim Archambault
Jim Archambault

I'd like to start by giving a short review of my blacksmithing history. Twenty five plus years working with ornamental iron in Atlanta, Ga and seventeen years of self employment working in the same field. I have been a avid member of ABANA for a little over three years now. I have attended two ABANA conferences: Memphis in 2010 and Delaware in 2014. On the board, I would admire the opportunity to connect the affiliate guilds with ABANA's community. As ABANA is an influential direction to many attributes of the blacksmithing artisans; a goal I would like to incorporate into ABANA's board would be an Awareness Leadership Program. Creating pro-active groups informing smaller guilds that ABANA is there to support their needs. Whether that may be scholarships, educational programs, demonstrations and other activities that guilds are not informed of, because it's not to their "awareness". Which ties back to the idea of an Awareness Leadership Program. Ocmulgee Blacksmith Guild has been my home base for the past ten years serving as President and Vice President two terms each. Serving on the ABANA board would be an honor as I plan to continually learn and teach the heritage of blacksmithing.

Lance Davis
Lance Davis

My name is Lance Davis and I would like to be considered for the nomination of a 2016 Board Member.
I’ve been involved with ABANA and many Affiliates in various capacities over the past 25 years. I've had the pleasure to successfully co-chair two separate ABANA Conferences and the 40th Anniversary celebration in Columbus / Westville GA. The 2010 Memphis Conference had obstacle, not having a 2008 Conference, and yet we were able to have a success for ABANA. We repeated the success again at the 2012 Rapid City Conference.
As a former Board member I know the operations of ABANA and would like to continue the work for the good of the Blacksmith community. I am willing to take on any task that would better ABANA as well as blacksmithing.
I would also volunteer to chair the 2018 Conference in Memphis as well as spearhead the concept of an ABANA 'craft show', for the lack of another word, that could gather member smiths at one point in the U.S. to show and 'sell' their wares, along with vendor sponsors and architectural and fabricator support.

Yancey Davis
Yancey Davis

63 years old and I've been blacksmithing almost 7 years with my focus on utilitarian goods for home and trail.
I sometimes work with local young people on a one-to-one basis at my forge teaching them the fundamentals, hoping to inspire them to carry on the art I so love. I enjoy demonstrating at street festivals and craft fairs raising awareness and an appreciation of the work that goes into hand forged items.
I've been helped along the way by several folks, in particular Homer Sales, a friend who loaned me a small forge to start with while I built my own, then later sold me my first Champion 400 and ABANA member and former First Vice President George Matthews who has also been a great help and inspiration with his teaching and individual attention.
In addition to the sharing of ideas and techniques by some well known blacksmiths I have also studied at the John C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, NC and look forward to returning in the near future to further improve my techniques, hoping to eventually become an instructor there.
In addition to being a member of ABANA and the Chairman of the Grants Committee, I'm also on the board of directors of The Foothills Of The Carolinas Blacksmith Guild of Mill Spring, NC and a member of the Arrowhead Artists and Artisans League of Old Fort, NC.
During my term on the Board of Directors I appreciate the opportunity to serve ABANA in some small way and help promote our art.

Mark Haddix
Mark Haddix

As a board member my commitment is to the future of ABANA and its role in the greater blacksmithing community.
ABANA's influence in the art of blacksmithing is undeniable. ABANA has been a resource for the artist, craftsmen and professional blacksmith from the beginning and will continue to cultivate and inspire for generations to come.
It is this commitment that drives me to support The Artist-Blacksmith's Association of North America (ABANA) as a board member for a second term.

David Norrie

I started blacksmithing in 1973, and went into business in 1976. Joined Abana in 1978. I have run a successful business and focused on forging as a main process for most of my life. Having worked up to 4 employees and had large contracts for most of my career, the last few years I have taken a different direction, I work alone and do smaller and more creative projects and I have created a blacksmithing school, and in that my focus is to inspire and teach people to be the best they can be while learning to forge. Being on the board, I will support and focus on Abana's mission, to promote the traditions of blacksmithing, and to inspire people to be there best in there journey into forging.

Bill Robertson
Bill Robertson

I follow a simple philosophy taught to me by my mentors (the founders) of the Florida Artist Blacksmith Association who took me under their wing back in 1989. That Philosophy is being grateful to a blacksmith community that so freely shares their knowledge, along with the responsibility of paying it forward and helping those coming behind you up the ladder.
I try to give back by teaching, demonstrating and being an active participant at the affiliate level. I held a variety of positions on the FABA board during my years in Florida serving two terms as President. I was awarded their Honorary Doctorate of Metal Arts degree (PhD) in 2007, an honor of which I am most proud. I recently migrated north and have joined the board of the Pittsburgh Area Artist Blacksmith Association.
I will be ending my first term this fall from serving on the ABANA board as your Finance Chair. New board member Bill Banker has assumed that position and I have switched to end my tenure as Chair of the Affiliate Relations Committee.
If re-elected for a second term, I would like to continue my focus on the Affiliate Committee trying to find tangible ways to develop on a national level what I have tried to put into practice on the local level all these years. One idea in mind is to work on developing a technological hub for affiliates to connect and better share collective information, resources and talent.
Working together towards this objective is the new Communications Committee that is incorporating emerging social media technology, and the Internet Committee that is in the process of building our new website from the antiquated stitched together system that we have been limping along with for years.

John Tanner
John Tanner

I took my first beginners class in blacksmithing in 1994 at John C Campbell Folk School. Some of the other classes that I have participated in at the folk school are tool making, making of a traditional chest and the making of a colonial style chandelier. I use my blacksmithing skills for some projects in my current business which is Home Again Forge, LLC. I have operated my business in home improvements and repairs for the last three years.
I am a past board member of the ABANA Board of Directors and I am a current member of the Board of Directors of the Philip Simmons Guild of South Carolina. I enjoy blacksmithing as an art form and also in the traditional sense as a craft which enables me to make my own tools. The Philip Simmons Guild is responsible for the Southeastern Conference in 2017 and I will be helping the guild to run a smooth conference.
I would be honored to serve on the Board of Directors of ABANA so that I may help to continue to promote blacksmithing. I want to see our craft continue to grow and expand in this country as well as throughout the world. I am willing and able to help out in whatever way that I am able.