Roberto Giordani
Colonna Vertebrale


It will be an incredible week with this line up!

 From Italy, Sweden, Canada and two from California--you are sure to experience a look into the future of blacksmithing in new ways! 

  • A 3-day workshop with Roberto Giordani--watch as he leads a small group through the week using a very modern approach.
  • Heiner Zimmermann will show you very modern techniques while discussing the direction blacksmithing is headed.
  • Jake James and his team of 12 will educate & entertain, with team forging, as they make a large sculpture.  


  • Monica Coyne builds a sculpture using a modified dovetail joint,
  • Learn how to create a railing from start to finish--including the install! Read on to find out how you get the opportunity to have a ring you forge included in the permanent rail at the Fairpark. 

Most of the "workshops" offer registrants opportunities to try the techniques demonstrated and are noted on the demonstrator's page.

John Barron

Heiner Zimmermann

Monica Coyne

Roberto Giordani

Jake James