Monica Coyne

Monica Coyne

Forging & Joinery Demonstration

A joint in a piece of ironwork is like a fork in the road. The decisions you make at that point will dictate the attitude, temperament, and mood of the piece. In Monica's demonstration, she will explain how she approaches decisions around joinery and show the process she uses to get from idea to joint.

Monica Coyne Video Biography

Being swept up by creativity can be very much like falling in love. The subject has unlimited beauty, despair, humor, passion and promise. It is thrilling to immerse yourself in the act of designing and making something.

Monica began her journey of making things in the Industrial Arts Department at Humboldt State University with an emphasis in woodworking, furniture and construction. She has studied drawing, watercolor and oil painting and ceramics. Twelve years ago, she discovered blacksmithing and never looked back.

Part of what draws her to work every day is the joy she receives from knowing that she can make things that function, such as, tables, gates, doors, hinges, locking joints and tools.  Monica finds it rewarding to make something with her own hands that works and is useful.

While working in the shop and moving the metal and watching it change, seeds are planted. Ideas roll around in the smoke. Monica admits that this may sound strange, but those ideas bloom and blossom in the heat, with the force and intensity of the forge and hammer. The process becomes a journey where sometimes she leads and other times follow.

A joint in a piece of iron work is like a fork in the road. The decisions you make at that point will dictate the attitude, temperament and mood of the piece.

Monica has studied with Master Blacksmiths Mark Aspery, Toby Hickman and Daniel Miller. She is an instructor with the California Blacksmith Association. Her work has been published in a number of books ( Mark Aspery Book 3, Ironwork today 4) Magazines, (CBA, ABANA, Niche Award finalists, HEPHAISTOS) and on the Internet.


Listen to the BlacksmitHer radio podcast episode #22 with Monica

Listen to the BlacksmitHer radio podcast with Monica Coyne and Mike Limb - Demo of Forged Dovetail Joint


The ABANA Project

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The piece Monica will be making is titled "ILIA".  The 12"x12"x12" sculpture will incorporate a modified dovetail joint with a split and wedge.

The sliding dovetail joint is most often used in wood. The joint is formed by one or more double tapered tenons that interlock with a notch or notches (mortises) in another piece.  Monica has been exploring and experimenting with forging dovetail joinery for three or four years. In her demonstration she will share and demonstrate what she has learned.