Heiner Zimmermann
Heiner Zimmermann

Heiner Zimmermann & Rick Smith

Forging Demonstration & Lecture

With associates Rick Smith of SIU Carbondale and Delyth
Done of Hereford College of Arts in England, Heiner will do a presentation on "Blacksmithing a future concept." This will be followed by a panel discussion which will include other professional smiths.
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Rick SmithHeiner and Rick will apply these contemporary concepts with a group of young smiths while executing a piece for the auction.

Heiner Zimmermann is a second generation German blacksmith. His father, Paul Zimmermann, had his works published and thus influenced American and European blacksmiths throughout the 70's and 80's. It was through working with his father and uncle that Heiner had the unique opportunity to meet and work with leading smiths around the world including Hermann Gradinger of Germany, Olaf Punt of Norway, Alfred Habermann of the Czech Republic, Allen Evans of England, and Jeffrey Funk of the USA.

He completed his academic studies with a Master’s Degree in art and did additional studies in welding and restoration. His knowledge and skill led to a professorship at University Gothenburg Sweden which, like Southern Illinois University Carbondale, is one of only a few colleges in the world to offer advanced art degrees with a focus on blacksmithing.


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The ABANA Project

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This demonstration will showcase different design interpretations in a team environment and use that collaborative process to create a finished piece. The principles of the project have different areas of specialization, as well as different world views. All are accomplished artists in their own right and have shown dedication to the evolution of the metals field through education.  The project begins with a basic design created by Heiner Zimmermann (University Gothenburg, Steneby, in Sweden) who will also coordinate the various processes of the demonstration. Rick Smith (Southern Illinois University Carbondale, Illinois) will then apply his extensive understanding of plate and surface patterning. Daniel Randall's (Appalachian Center for Craft, Tennessee Technological University, Cookeville, Tennessee) experience and aesthetic will then be incorporated into the connection systems. The end result will be an object that embodies the concepts of accord, reciprocity and teamwork.

 Textured plates with Repousse techniques and stamping